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Ngāhere - Our Juniors

The Junior School represents children from Years 0-2. The Team consists of 5 collaborative classrooms.


In the Junior School we have a group of dedicated teachers focussed on both looking after and educating your child.  Teachers operate a common timetable and programmes of work in each room, which cater to the needs of the children. We plan co-operatively in each of the curriculum areas and provide balance, variety and extension.  


We are keen to meet with and welcome parents or visitors. You may wish to call in, as a prospective parent, to discuss matters with myself as Senior Teacher, Associate Principal Junior School, Glenys Barr or the Acting Principal, Donna Buchanan. Although we always try to be available for a quick “chat”, it is best to arrange a suitable time to meet, and then we can take the time needed to show you around, look at classrooms operating and answer any questions you may have.


In the term your child is starting school as a New Entrant, phone the School Office and leave contact details including the child’s name and date of birth, your name, and an address and phone number where we can contact you. This is a good time to make an appointment to fill out enrolment forms. You will need to bring a copy of your child’s birth certificate to verify their age and your child’s immunisation record either from their Doctor or Plunket book, so that we have a copy on record.

We will then arrange a series of visits (usually three) during the month before your child turns 5. During these visits the children (and parents) get to know how a new entrant class operates, the layout of the school, meet the Principal and experience morning tea and lunchtimes.  You are welcome to stay for at least the first visit and then try leaving your child for some of the time on later visits.



Parents often think about and ask “how can I prepare my child for school?” Some skills and experiences that help are:


  • confidence to say ‘hello’ and smile at others

  • plenty of opportunities to develop language through talking together and looking at books

  • take turns and share through playing with friends

  • draw, colour in and use scissors safely

  • recognise or write their name          

  • count to 10, know basic colours and shapes

  • clean up/put things away

  • wash and dry their hands, use a tissue

  • put on and take off jackets, sweatshirts and shoes.          



During the year, we have parent ‘get togethers’ to talk about the great things that are happening at our school over a biscuit and a cuppa. Parents can talk with the teachers and the leadership team and take the opportunity to ask all those “burning” questions...look out for these and come along. We are in contact with local pre schools and Kindys who bring groups of children nearly ready for school on (transitions) visits.



Once at school your child’s interest and progress will be helped by doing the following:

  • Providing a lunchbox of nutritious food such as sandwiches, fruit or yoghurt for lunch and morning tea.

  • Ensuring they are at school on time, school starts at 8.50am.

  • Encouraging them to be enthusiastic, interested and independent.

  • Asking them about school, share their day and support their efforts.

  • Knowing what learning goals they have.

  • Knowing the 5 Qualities we value – Our Addington Attitude.

  • Contacting your child’s teacher promptly if you have questions or information that may influence their learning at school         


Support their learning in Reading by:

  • Listening to reading homework daily.

  • Practising some alphabet names, Jolly Phonics, letter sounds , sight words or Frogs lists.

  • Sharing a regular bedtime story or reading to and with your child during     the week.

  • Make reading enjoyable -  praise and encourage them.

  • Showing them that you read too!

  •             And return those reading folders every day!


Support their learning in Maths by:

  • Helping children notice shape, size, pattern and colours around them.

  • Encouraging your child to sort and count real things.  

  • Counting backwards is fun too.

  • Playing card or board games together sometimes.

  • Asking about what they are learning in maths.


Addington School is about experiencing awesome achievement, having brilliant behaviour and being connected citizens.  We value learning, celebrate quality work, promote making good choices, and recognise caring children throughout the School.  An enthusiastic & supportive start to school is vital for your child’s further education.   Our job is to work with you & your child to achieve the best results for them that we can.



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      Learning Through Play Feb 2019

      Learning Through Play Feb 2019

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