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Our Library

   Our library is a space where students can come to find books for the pleasure of reading and 

   for learning. We have been very fortunate to have a new space for our library. Our dedicate

   librarian, Kylie runs the space along with some committed student librarians. 

 Our library is open...

 At Addington Te Kura Taumatua the library is available for use during school hours with allotted times for each class to visit. The library is also open at morning tea and lunch times for browsing and book borrowing.


Our collections

     In our library you can find:

·    - Picture books

·    - Novels and chapter books

·    - Magazines

·    - Non-fiction books

   Borrowing basics

     You will visit the library once a week with your class to choose books.

     You can borrow up two books in total and can keep these for 2 weeks.

     Please bring your books back on time - here's two good reasons why:

     1. You will be able to borrow more books

     2. It gives all students the opportunity to read great books

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