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Haka – Te Kura Taumatua


Torona kei waho                 (To throw your arms out)

Ko wai matou?                    Who are we?

Te Kura Taumatua               Addington School

Ko wai matou?                    Who are we?

Te Kura Taumatua               Addington School

Anei matou                         Here we are

Nga uri o Tahupotiki            Descendants of Tahupotiki

Mai Otautahi e                    From Christchurch

Au, au, aue ha

Addington is one of the oldest suburbs of Christchurch. Established on Ngāi Tahu lands, Addington is situated between the beautiful rivers of Ōtākaro and Ōpāwaho, and under the Port Hills, notably Te Tihi o Kahukura. 

Our school grounds contain some beautiful old trees - walnut, elm, and oak, which frame our school grounds. More recently, we have been planting trees that reflect our local area and the native plants of this rohe. Our classrooms are named after these local trees and reflect our belief that our kura and community is like a ngāhere (forest) where children are sheltered and find the resources they need to grow. 


Our staff are a mix of experienced staff who have an enduring commitment to our community, and new staff who bring their enthusiasm and skills to the role. All our teachers understand that strong relationships are key to seeing students reach their full potential. In 2014 we revisioned our school values as ABC - Awesome Achievement, Brilliant Behaviour and being Connected Citizens. Our staff work together to provide a strong and secure environment for students to be able to grow and blossom in all three areas - achievement, behaviours, and connectedness. Our dynamic local curriculum reflects these values, connecting them to the NZ curriculum and the principles of deep learning.


In 1997, our school added a Conductive Education Unit to our school. This purpose built facility provides holistic, specialist education for children with neurological motor disorders and other development delays. These children and families are an integral part of our kura, and we value the holistic approach that conductive education brings. A conductive education pre-school has shared our grounds since 2006. 


Like all Christchurch schools, Addington Te Kura Taumatua was part of the Christchurch Schools Rebuild programme. Our rebuild took place between 2015-2020, and our completed buildings are a mix of new, purpose built facilities and upgrades of existing buildings. Our new classrooms encourage collaboration, while providing flexibility for a wide range of different teaching and learning styles. 


Since the earthquakes, Addington Te Kura Taumatua has worked in collaboration with local schools in South West Christchurch in a Community of Practice called Kahukura. Kahukura schools support each other to provide responsive, collaborative learning which connects students, teachers and communities across the cluster. The school’s focus on deep learning is shared by the schools in this community.


Our school roll is around 270 children. Reflecting the diversity of our Addington area, the families in our school come from at least 30 different countries. These children bring a huge diversity of languages, cultures, religions and traditions to our school which we value. Māori culture is celebrated and shared through our Kapahaka group, Te Tipuranga, which has been led by teachers and parents for at least 23 years. Currently led by parents in our school, our Te Tipuranga rōpū has developed a school haka.


At Addington Te Kura Taumatua, the performing arts is a passion. For the past decade, we’ve worked with our local community to develop a wonderful music programme. Private tuition is offered to students in singing, ukulele, guitar, bass, keyboard, violin and drums. Our children have the chance to participate in the Senior choir ( A Tunes), Junior Choir (J Tunes), band, ukulele orchestra, Pacific drumming group, a harmony choir, and dance groups.


Providing a stable and secure environment for children to thrive takes a whole community. We really value the participation of external groups, families, and the wider community in our school. We have been part of the Cross Over Trust Primary Schools Project since 2012, with the School Community Liaison building connections to grow a thriving, woven community. We also appreciate the support of Origin Sports, Kiwi Can, Social Worker in Schools, Kidscan, Mana Ake and a number of other local organisations…… who all work in conjunction with our community to provide a supportive environment for children to grow and thrive.






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