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Addington Music School

The Addington School of Music has been running at Addington School since 2009. It is run by Ally Palmer and a team of tutors who work together to give the children many musical opportunities during school. Addington School partners alongside local charities to provide low cost music lessons and opportunities to be involved in many of our musical groups.


Currently our pupils are able to learn Ukulele, Keyboard, Guitar, Drums, Cajon and have Singing lessons. These lessons are in small groups of 2 or 3 children. Pupils sign up each term and pay a heavily discounted termly fee if they would like to learn.


We have many musical groups that Addington pupils are able to be part of. See the list below:



-       Addington Schools' Senior Choir, A Tunes

-       Addington Schools' Junior Choir, J Tunes

-    Addington Schools' Auditioned Choir for past and present students

-       Addington Schools' Ukulele Orchestra, The Ukes

-       2 School Bands

-       Polynesian Percussion group


We are lucky to have enough Ukulele in the school so all senior classes are able learn Ukulele for a term as a class with one of our tutors.


Each year, Addington School releases a school album featuring songs from our groups, as well as student compositions. This album is released at our musical end of year concert which is always a highlight of the year for students, staff and parents.





Ally Palmer - A Tunes, The Ukes and The Audtitioned Choir


Tom Harris - Piano Tutor and Songwriting workshops


Matty Stevenson - Guitar, Ukulele, Bass and Band Tutor


Rachael Green - Keyboard



Ally Palmer


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