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Deep Learning @ Addington 


The world we live in today is constantly evolving and the future is uncertain.  Deep Learning at Addington focuses on the competencies required to be successful in the future.

Deep learning is all about engaging students in meaningful ways and preparing them for an evolving society.  Students are faced with a more challenging world where they will be rewarded for what they can do as opposed to what they know.

"Engaging the World to Change the World"

Through the New Pedagogies for Deep Learning framework, 6 learning competencies define what it means to be a deep learner. Based on Michael Fullan’s work, NPDL focuses on the six competencies that students need to achieve and excel in the our complex world.  

At the centre of Deep Learning are 6 Cs - 6 competencies that align with the New Zealand Curriculum's Key Competencies



Critical Thinking




Focussing on these 6 Cs are supported by 4 Quadrants in Deep Learning Design:

Pedagogical practices

  • what we do and how we do it.

  • fusion of proven educational practices and innovative practices (models, strategies and assessment)

Learning partnerships

  • teacher and student relationships

  • Co-creation of learning experiences

  • Involving local communities

  • Engaging families

Learning environment

  • Increased inclusiveness

  • Global connections

  • Virtual experiences

  • School

  • Home

  • Extending learning beyond the classroom walls

Leveraging digital

  • use of tech to amplify, accelerate and connect learners and learning

  • Flexible learning

  • Sharing knowledge and skills in and beyond the classroom

  • Authenticity and personalisation

  • Connect and collaborate

  • Generating new learning artefacts

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