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Conductive Education

Conductive Education is a holistic system of education for individuals with motor disorders, mainly Cerebral Palsy.

The Conductive Education philosophy encourages the child to work towards their full potential with a strong emphasis on self-reliance in all activities of daily living including:

  • Physical

  • Educational

  • Social

  • Emotional

  • Communication and language skills.


Students are encouraged to problem solve and transfer skills they have learnt in task series across all aspects of their routine and lives.


Students of Conductive Education may need adaptation of the National Curriculum to enable access and participation according to their physical, academic and sensory needs.


Participation in the group, a sense of fun and playfulness along with high expectations from all people who work with the child, produces a positive learning environment and the greatest likelihood of success.


The Conductor is a special teacher, qualified to educate and rehabilitate individuals with motor disorders.   Conductors undergo an intensive four-year professional training and graduate as Conductors and primary school teachers.   The Conductors direct the programme; they ensure all students are carrying out their daily routine in a way that they will gain maximum benefit and learning.   The Conductors work closely with and are supported by New Zealand trained Teachers, with a background in special education.   One of the tasks of the Teacher is to adapt and deliver the Addington School Curriculum based on the New Zealand National Curriculum.


A Speech-Language Therapist works with our students on achieving their communication goals and using assistive technology and computers as appropriate for each individual.


We have a number of children with low vision who receive services from the Blind and Low Vision Education Network (BLENZ).  A skilled teacher of the vision impaired visits the unit weekly to support those working with the child, providing functional assessments, learning opportunities and appropriate resources.


There is a large group of ancillary staff (Teacher Aides) to support the students throughout the day.   They are a vital part of the programme and assist with facilitation, mobility and mainstream support as appropriate.



Conductors, Teachers, the Speech Language Therapist and the Visual Resource Teacher make up a highly skilled transdisciplinary team working alongside parents to provide a comprehensive relevant programme for each child.


In the 90’s motivated parents negotiated with Government for a school option for their children who had been involved in Conductive Education at the preschool level.   After much negotiation and lobbying by this group of parents Conductive Education for school aged children was secured in Christchurch.   Their hard work and dedication was rewarded with the opening of Conductive Education at Addington School in 1997.


Conductive Education is at the heart of Addington School.   The staff and students of Addington School were well prepared for the transition and when the first students of Conductive Education arrived at Addington School they were warmly received and have continued to be an integral part of all aspects of the school.  


The Conductive Education building is called Room 5, this is just one of the factors indicative of the inclusion of the children, their Conductors, teachers and the concept of Conductive Education at Addington School. 


Students may start Conductive Education at Addington at the age of 5 and continue through to the end of Year 8.   This enables students to have continuity in their programme until they are ready to go to high school.   Students may then continue Conductive Education at Cashmere High School until the age of 21.


The Conductive Education Canterbury Early Childhood Centre is on site at Addington School. This allows for sharing of resources, easy transition from preschool to school, close collegial support for conductors and parent support.


We have been proactive in developing a recreation programme for the students at Conductive Education during break times. Other children are invited to join this recreation programme providing opportunities for friendship development.

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