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Addington School provides a number of opportunities for all our children to experience physical activity and sport. Fitness is also a daily part of our school curriculum.

All children in our school participate in a school cross country event, normally in Term 1 and later in Term 3 and 4 the children take part in our athletics programme and swimming lessons. Our swimming lessons are daily for two weeks and we employ the Pioneer Swim Tutors to teach our children a mix of swimming techniques and water safety skills.


Our Year 1-2 children participate in the Perceptual Motor Programme (PMP) during Term 2 and 3. This programme develops body awareness and the basic foundations of motor control. For the other two terms these children participate in the Sport Start Programme. This is a teacher led programme which aims to instil the basic fundamental skills of Physical Education

and Sport.


As the children move into Year 3 and 4 they take part in the weekly Origin Sport Programme. Origin Sport is run in 5 local primary schools and a paid sport facilitator oversees this programme, supported by the classroom teacher. The children experience a weekly skill session based on a specific code of sport. Towards the end of each term the five schools meet together for a fun day of sport competition where they can put their skills they’ve learnt to the test. This programme exposes the children to more focused fundamental skills and adds the element of interschool competition for the first time.


We hope that by Year 5 and 6 our children have had many positive experiences with physical education and sport and that they choose to take advantage of the many opportunities available. In Term 1 they compete in the school cross country. If they do well they can represent the school at the South West Zone Cross Country and from their the Canterbury Championships. In Term 2 and 3 we enter sport rugby, football and netball teams in the weekly winter sport competition at Hagley Park. This is a big commitment for all involved but provides many amazing opportunities. Children not in these teams participate in an in-school sports development programme. In Term 4 we focus on athletics and swimming. Both of these sports have South West Zone and Canterbury events for those children that show great ability.


We are always thankful to the parents who help manage, coach and transport our children in sport teams. We couldn’t provide the opportunities that we do without their support.


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