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A-Tunes is a choir group made up of our senior students at Addington. This includes students in years four, five and six. A-Tunes is under the expert tutelage of Ally Palmer. Ally has been teaching music for over nine years and performs in local Christchurch music events on a regular basis.


Our goals are to:

·      Provide enjoyment and foster a life-long love of singing.

·      Provide students with quality music instructions and performance opportunities.

·      Provide an experience where students become more confident in their teamwork as well as their individual esteem.


Weekly Rehearsals:

Rehearsals are held in the hall on Fridays at 10.10am-11am.



Our music selection includes a variety of songs from different genres and time periods. Students are included in the song decision-making process. While learning each of the song’s students are able to follow the lyrics on the projector. They are also given a hardcopy of the song selections to take home and practice.


Concerts and Performances:

There is a number of opportunities throughout the year for A-Tunes to share their musical talents to their school and home whanau. These performances range from assemblies, lunchtime performances and evening concerts. 


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