• All parents and visitors must wear a mask on site - we encourage not to come into class or office

  • All adults in Waonui and Hāpua and anyone who visits these buildings must wear a mask

  • Staff must wear a medical grade mask (we have ordered a supply) but you may choose to wear a cloth mask of your own - cloth over medical is ok too. THIS MAY CHANGE

  • The staffroom/office area is to be treated like a restaurant - wear a mask to enter and remove to sit, eat and drink.

  • In all adult to adult interactions such as meetings with parents and visitors masks should be worn

  • Masks do not need to be worn in the playground during school hours - practice distancing in your adult to adult conversations 9am-3pm

  • All students Y4-6 will need to wear a mask in class. We will have some spares. Theirs do not have a medical grade recommendation. Teachers and adults working in Ngahere do not need to wear them in the learning space.


Get Connected Interviews - Tuesday 1st and Wednesday 2nd February
Classes start - Thursday 3rd February

Waitangi Day Observed / School Closed - Monday 7th February

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