Based on increasing levels of staff and student illness (Covid and the Flu) we are recommending mask wearing for all students in Y4-6, staff and visitors to start Term 3 back at school.

The combination of a spike in COVID-19 cases and hospitalisations, the worst flu season in recent memory and corresponding staff absences are putting health workers and the whole health system under extreme pressure.

Modelling suggests we are at the beginning of a second Omicron wave that could be bigger than the first, with the more transmissible BA.5 variant becoming the dominant strain in the community.

There has been a significant increase nationwide in cases over the past 2 weeks, and the biggest jump is in cases amongst New Zealanders aged 65 and over. That in turn has led to an increase in hospital occupancy.

The Ministry of Health are continuing to ask New Zealanders to do 3 things:

  • get vaccinated

  • wear a mask in many or most indoor settings

  • isolate when sick to suppress the spread of the virus over the remaining winter months.

If we all play our part we can take some pressure off the health system.

School has free masks available for staff, student and visitor use. You can also get free face masks when you pick up RATs from a testing centre. You do not need to have COVID-19 symptoms. P2/N95 face masks will be available for people who are at higher risk of severe illness.

Find a testing site that offers free face masks

Our protocols...

  • All parents and visitors are encouraged to  wear a mask on site 

  • All students Y4-6 are encouraged to wear a mask in class. 

  • All staff are encouraged to wear a mask in class and while in meetings with other staff.

  • Masks do not need to be worn by students and staff during playtimes or when outside for PE, games and meetings

NB - Different protocols apply in Conductive Education


Thank you for your ongoing co-operation and understanding

Donna Buchanan


Starting in Term 4, 2002 Addington Te Kura Taumatua will operate a cohort entry policy, which allows new entrants to start school in cohort groups with two entry points, being on the first day of term and the first day of week five of term, rather than singly on each child’s 5th birthday.

Cohort entry allows new entrants an easier transition to school and helps them build relationships with both their fellow new entrants and other students already in the class.  It allows Addington Te Kura Taumatua to better plan its staffing requirements and minimises disruption.

Once a child is formally enrolled, they must attend school regularly.  Children must be enrolled in school by their 6th birthday.
5-year-old entrants

After a child turns 5, their school start date is the first day of the following term or day 0ne of week five of the term.
2022 mid-term dates for schools implementing cohort entry
Term 4 
Start of Term 17/10/2022 
Mid Term 21/11/2022 
2023 mid-term dates for schools implementing cohort entry
Term 1 
Start of Term 30/01/2023 
Mid Term 06/03/2022 
Term 2 
Start of Term 24/04/2023
Mid Term 29/05/2023
Term 3
Start of Term 17/07/2023 
Mid Term 21/08/2023 
Term 4 
Start of Term 9/10/2023 
Mid Term 13/11/2022 


Community consultation
The cohort entry policy has been approved by the school board of trustees and developed in consultation with:

  • current parents

  • school staff

  • local early childhood centres

  • prospective parents

If the school decides to revoke the cohort entry policy, the board will undergo reasonable consultation with the stakeholders listed above, and provide at least one term’s notice before the policy ends.

Term 3 Monday 25th July - Friday 30th September

Friday 5th August - Green Thumbs Dress Up Day

Wednesday 10th August - Ukes at Drum, Strike, Blow

Monday 22nd August - Friday 2nd September - Swimming

Thursday 8th Sept - Epro8 Interschool Champs

Monday 12th September - Teacher Only Day

Wednesday 14th September - Harmonistix at CSMF Rehearsal

Wednesday 21st September - Friday 23rd September - Hāpua Camp at Woodend

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